We are able to design and build the machines to meet customer production needs. We offer a wide range of automatic and semi automatic dose/filling and feeding systems for different kind of products:  liquids, viscous, powders and grains.

To fill packagings such as: bottles, buckets, bags, cups, collapsible tubes, among others. 

We build the equipment for pharmaceutics,  cosmetics, food, beverage, paint, cleaning, metallurgic and packing handle industries. 

Every model we offer is customized according client needs. See our models below.



Semi-automatic piston dosing machine for filling liquid and viscous products.
Available with 2 or 4 fill valves



Automatic dosing machine for filling non-food liquid products.

Available with up to 12 filling valves.

fvp 3.jpg


Semi Automatic. For dosing of viscous products. Available with 1 or 2 filling nozzles.



Three functions in 1 automatic unit:
washing, dosing / filling and capping of containers. 



Automatic dosing machine for liquid and semi-viscous products. 

Available with up to 6 filling valves.

FSA1000-6N semi autom.jpg


Semi automatic dosing machine to fill liquid products.  Without conveyor. Available with up to 12 filling valves.

FLP nueva.jpg


Semi Automatic. For dosing of liquid products.

Available with 1 or 2 filling nozzles.

5 gal 2.jpg


Complete line for washing, filling and capping 20L bottles.

Available with up to 18 filling valves.



Automatic piston dosing machine
for viscous and liquid products. Available with up to 12 filling valves.

f1000-6ni (2).png


Automatic dosing machine for filling flammable products.
Available with up to 12 filling  valves.

wfl-5G400 .png


Automatic dosing machine to fill liquid products. From 2 to 12 valves.
Ideal for containers of 20 Lt.

FSA-R200 ok.jpg


Filler and sealer for liquid or viscous product and placement of film with automatic sealing. Semi Automatic Option.



Automatic dosing machine for filling drinkable products.

Available with up to 12 filling valves.



Automatic dosing machine
for the filling of corrosive products.

Available with up to12 filling valves.

FPA-500 conve_edited.png


Automatic dosing machine for powders. 

 Also available semi-automatically without conveyor belt.



Automatic or semi-automatic rotary system.

For dosing, filling and sealing of collapsible tubes.