Suitable for industries such as Cosmetic, Personal Care, Household Chemical, Food and beverage and Pharmaceuticals.

Available for different cap material and sizes.

For Screw or Press sealing system, we manufacture Manual, Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic machines.

See our models below.

cx200 (2).png

Model "CX-200"

Automatic capping for plastic screw caps. Available for different types of containers.


Model "CPA-1H"

Automatic or semi automatic system for screw or pressure capping. With one capping heads.


Model "CX-300"

Automatic. Screw capping for plastic or metal caps.For different cap sizes with 1 to 4 capping heads


Model "CPL-1500"

Semi Automatic capping for plastic bucket or tank lids.


Model "CR-100"

Automatic and rotating. For plastic screw caps. Available for different containers sizes.

spray cappyng CSA-2N.jpg

Model "CSA-2N"

Automatic rotary capper for caps with vaporizer.


Model "CSA-300"

Semi Automatic. Plastic screw caps or pressure. Available for different types of containers.

twist off.jpg

Model "CTW-150"

Automatic capping Twist off for capping twist jars.