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With more than 30 years of expertise and experience, INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION SYSTEM offers you a vital service that covers all the productive needs of your company in different services in the field of automation and packaging.

We have the ability to customize machines for specific client needs in Industries like:

Nutritional, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Packaging, Food processing, and Bakery among others.

As professionals in the field, we are creative and we know how to interpret, design, develop, and engineer.

Industrial Automation System recognizes how to adapt a project to your demands.

In each complication we will be in charge of carrying out an adequate planning and control process that guarantees the fulfillment of our goals, meeting deadlines with efficacy and efficiency.

Also we are able to maintain your business by repairing and solving emergency problems with hydraulic equipment, pneumatic, electronics, electric and mechanic. This way, the labor routine is not at risk or defected by bad operation.

We are privileged to have a professional team willing to resolve emergency duties in the maintenance and programming departments.

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