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Automatic Powder Filling System FPA-500
  • Ideal for filling powders such as: sugar, seasonings, talc, breadcrumbs, cosmetics, coffee, powdered milk, among others.

  • Automatic powder loading system in rigid containers with automatic advance and selection of containers, speeding up the packaging process.

  • The servo motor controls the speed and number of turns of the loader screw.
    When this is fulfilled, the system enables the download and automatically fills the container to proceed with a new filling process.

  • Dosing system with a stainless-steel hopper for loading the product of 30 liters.

  • An endless screw for dosing the product.

  • Available with Automatic or Manual containers transportation.

  • Powder feeding system with stainless steel lower hopper, vibrating system, a 45 degree magazine screw and a draft reducer motor with electronic speed variator.

Automatic Powder Filling System
Powder Filling FPA500
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