Industrial Automation System, Inc.

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Fillers "Avan-Tec"

We manufacture filling, sealing and labeling machines. The machines are sturdily built with high-grade raw materials and incorporate the qualities of higher durability and advanced technology. We offer a wide range of automatic and semi automatic filling, capping, labeling, packing systems, conveyors, feeding tables, feeding systems for different kind of products and more. For different kind of liquids, viscous, powders and grain products we build the equipment for pharmaceutics,  cosmetics, food, beverage, paint, cleaning, metallurgic and packing handle industries. 

These machines which fall under this category include the following:

. Automatic liquid filling machines.
. Automatic volumetric viscous filling machine.
. Automatic filling machine for corrosive products.
. Automatic Filling/Sealing machines for collapsible tubes.
. Semi-automatic filling machines for liquids.
. Semi-automatic filling machines for viscous.
. Dosing, bagging, sealing machines of liquids, powders and grains.
. Powder filling machines.

Contact us and we will manufacture the equipment that fits your need according with your production capacity, type of containers, volumes to pack,  packing materials and your budget. We have the ability to build manual, semi and fully automatic systems.